Please see the following Public Service Announcement from the Fayette County Health Department:

Fayette County Health Department

 P.O. Box 340\

 416 W. Edwards      

Vandalia, IL    PH: 618-283-1044                                                                

FAX: 618-283-4195





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:      March 27, 2020                                                           

Contact Information:                     Kendra Craig, Emergency Response Coordiantor 618-283-1044



In the past few weeks, things have been difficult however, we as a community will remain strong.  We are facing challenges with the COVID - 19 virus.  We want to let you know the Fayette County Health Department, Fayette County Hospital and Fayette County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) are putting every resource we have available and collaborating our efforts.  What we need from each resident of Fayette County is to help us by staying at home, especially when you are sick.    The purpose of the stay-at-home order is to limit how many people are exposed to the virus.  By staying at home, we are lowering the number of people exposed to the virus at any one time.  We ask that you only go out for essentials.  Those include getting medical care and shopping for food, medicine, and supplies.  Activities like parties, gatherings and unessential shopping should be put on hold.  Let us make sure we keep our family, friends and neighbors safe.   Staying at home saves lives. 

Lastly, your Fayette County Health Department reports fifteen people have been tested to date, seven people have tested negative and eight are pending results.