The evening of January 28, 2021 represents the return of athletic contests to the St. Elmo Jr./Sr. High School Gymnasium.   Per the Illinois Department of Public Health, we are only allowed to have up to 50 spectators in the gymnasium.  This will mean a change to procedures that you are accustomed to.  

To stay within the current spectator guidelines, we will only be allowing two individuals per family to attend the home ballgames.  Parents will be given two laminated identification cards that will serve as their pass to be able to buy a ticket for the home ball games.  Parents are able to use the two laminated passes as they determine best fits their family situation (Mom and Dad, Mom and Grandma, Dad and Sibling, Aunt and Uncle, etc.).  Individuals will have to present this laminated identification pass at the ticket gate in order to be able to buy a ticket for the game.  The laminated pass will be “punched” with a hand punch and then returned.   No tickets will be sold to anyone who does not possess this laminated pass.

All spectators will be required to sit on the west side of the gym, which is typically the visitor’s side.  No fans from the visiting team will be allowed into the gym under the current guidelines. What used to be the visitor’s side will now become the home side for seating purposes.  We are required to keep spectators at least 30 feet away from the players, so the east side of the gym, which is normally the home side, will become an area for team member seating.  Social distancing guidelines are also currently in full effect.  Bleachers have been marked with blue X’s to indicate where individuals are to sit.  These X’s are in groups of two with each group of two spaced six feet apart from  the next.   Social distancing will be required and masks will also be required to be worn at all times while in the gymnasium.  The only exception to wearing a mask is if the individual is eating or drinking.  Depending on the size of the various team rosters and/or the number of games being played, there may be occasions where parents will be asked to clear the gymnasium immediately after a game is over, so parents for the next game can come in to watch their athletes play in the next game.

We will be offering basic concessions which will consist of popcorn (pre-bagged), candy, and Soda/Water.  Concessions will be located in the west side concession stand nearest the spectators.

The home ball games will be available via live stream on YouTube for those unable to attend.  Directions for accessing the live stream on YouTube can be found below.  If you have questions regarding the streaming or would like to discuss possible advertising on the streaming broadcast, please send an email to

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the return to play guidelines that have been established by the IHSA/IESA and IDPH in order for our student athletes to return to the court.

How to watch a Live YouTube Broadcast

If you would like to watch any of the upcoming St. Elmo Jr/Sr High School athletic games that will be broadcast over YouTube, follow these easy steps...

  1. Go to

  1. Search: St. Elmo Athletics

  1. You will want to click on the channel that has an Eagle for the profile picture and says St. Elmo Athletics Activities Streaming

  1. On the day of the game, check back to this channel page and look for either the scheduled event or the live broadcast already in progress.

Direct Link to St. Elmo Athletics Activities Streaming (SEAA) YouTube site:

St. Elmo Athletics Activities Streaming YouTube Channel