February Teacher Spotlight

Congratulations to Mr. Bo Melton!

Bo was the winner of the February Teacher Spotlight Drawing, sponsored by Jordan Mahon, Country Financial.

Bo was born and raised in Greenville, IL. He attended Sorento K-8, Greenville High School, and Greenville College.  He was catcher on the baseball team for 2 years, before going to SIUE.  He then returned to Greenville College to complete his Bachrlor's degree in Social Studies Education.  His 13-year old son, Trey,  is a student at Greenville.  

Other interesting facts about Mr. Melton.....

  • In his spare time he enjoys coaching baseball and duck hunting.
  •  His favorite sports teams are the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues, and the Dallas Cowboys.
  • His favorite quote is KISS It! (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • The best advice he has ever been given was from his Grandpa who told him "Never miss a good opportunity to just shut up." 
  • A little known fact about Bo is his real name is Danny.

Thanks to Jordan Mahon for developing the Teacher Spotlight program and to Stefanie Putnam with Small Town Treats for adding cookies to the gift basket!