Pilot Grading System at Jr. High for 2nd Semester

For the second semester, the jr. high is piloting the use of an integer grading system.  This system uses the numbers of 0-4 to represent letter grades with A=4, B=3, C=3, D=1, and F=0.  Currently the high school uses integer grades when computing a student’s grade point average or G.P.A.  In the traditional 100-point scale, the interval between numerical and letter grades is typically 10 points, with the break points at 90-A, 80-B, 70-C, and 60-D.  However the interval between the D and the F is not 10 points but 60 points. When using the integer grading system, the increment between each letter grade is proportionate to the increment between each numerical grade - one point.

The jr. high is experimenting with this system to see if it will lead to increased student engagement and improved morale by eliminating the devastating effects that zeros and other failing scores below 50 have on a student’s overall course grade when using a percentage based system. High achieving students should also appreciate the relief that comes with knowing that one or two forgetful episodes will not destroy their overall course grade.  

Conversations about the new system started with students on Monday, January 7, 2019.  More information to follow in the coming days.

Update 1-10-19 - Information regarding the integer grading system pilot can be found in the documents tab of the website.  After selecting the documents tab, chose the "For Parents & Community" folder, then chose the "Junior High Pilot Grading System" folder.  In that folder are numerous pieces of information regarding the pilot.